Community Plus Housing

This is the same as the Basic membership except you want to support purchasing / maintaining shelters for men as well.   This membership or the Basic membership is required to become a part of the community of Men.  This membership grants you permission to post in the general forum and talk to other men.  This is the membership that will allow you to post your story.  If you are willing we might even post your story on the front of the site to talk to other men.  You have to give us permission to post it as well.

There are a few rules to the Site that every man must adhere and agree to.

  1. Every username must be anonymous, this way we are able to share our stories without fear of recriminations.
  2. You must have a live email address for proper communications.
  3. You will be verified that you are a man.  So we need your phone number or be willing to do a Zoom call.  You will be invited to access a calendar to setup your phone / zoom appointment.
  4. If you are found to be a woman or a child your account will be turned off and your first month payment will be forfeited.
  5. Most importantly, this is not a hate site, any one advocating violence towards anyone will have their account turned off.